Fall Clean Up Benefits

When the seasons finally begin to change in North Carolina, the weather usually stays between 46 to 77 degrees. For most people, it feels pretty normal to still be gardening when fall comes around. But when it comes to mulch, it is generally thought of as a spring activity or service that you have done. However, since our area has the benefit of a nice, sunny demeanor on even the coolest day of November, mulching is an option for longer than some people may consider.

Although you may even know it is an option to mulch in November, you can easily have let it slip your mind because Halloween has just passed and many people are preparing for the holidays, especially with such a short time to prepare for Thanksgiving and get your holiday lights up to spark that Christmas spirit. It is easy to let the November leaves fall and admire the colors without realizing what the damage could be when it comes to leaf build-up.

Controlling Leaf Build-Up on Your Grassraking thatch on a lawn

When foliage sheds from the leaves, it can easily be one of the prettiest sights around town. But while it looks great and seems like because it is natural, it will cause no harm, that is not always the case. If you have more than a few trees, you’ll likely see leaves piling up. If rainfall comes, it will create debris when mixed with moisture, and it can block your turf’s access to sunlight while simultaneously preventing moisture from evaporating with time.

When the sun cannot access your lawn and water sits on it for an extended period of time, fungi will grow and begin to take over your turf. By ensuring that there are no spots with excessive leaf build-up, you will be saving your lawn a lot of damage in the long run.

Thatch Build-Up and Eliminating It

Thatch can happen to anyone’s lawn, pretty much at any time of the year. But it is quite common in the fall. Thatch is essentially the build-up of dead grass from insufficient nutrients and leftover clippings, and leaves or twigs that have fallen off of trees and shrubs, that sit within the top layer of soil in your grass. Thatch will occur when organic debris the debris we just talked about cannot break down as quickly as it is building up. So, evident ally, thatch is also linked to leaf build-up, making it tough to ignore. It will lead to fungi growth and lawn disease, causing your turf to struggle overall.

Get Professional Help From the People Who Know Lawn Care in NC!

At Impeccable Lawns, we handle all your fall lawn care services so that you won’t have to. While it isn’t always completely necessary to mulch in the fall, there are just too many reasons to pass up this service during this season. Our professional service technicians are sure that we can be the ones you need to take care of your fall debris.

We can easily and professionally get your property ready for the winter. Give us a call at 910-575-5296 or contact us online now. Want to get to know us more intimately? Follow us on Facebook.

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