Why You Should Invest in Tree and Shrub Pruning Services

Your trees and shrubs are an essential part of your landscape. They add color, provide shade, a home for wildlife, and create an ambiance of peaceful activity around your home. Therefore, it’s no wonder most Ocean Isle residents want what’s best for their lawn ornaments. Over the winter, you may have noticed that some of your trees may not look the same. Perhaps there’s a branch sticking out at an odd angle or dead branches. Maybe some have grown too close to your house. Tree pruning service is an essential part of tree health, and today’s article is going to explain the different reasons why.

Tree and Shrub Pruning Service Encourages Growthtree pruning

If appropriately pruned, tree pruning encourages growth. This is because there are small nodes along each plant structure that contain growth hormones. Pruning directly above them triggers them to repair and regrow. Plants also have small portions of tissue known as meristems responsible for plant growth. These pockets of tissues can grow into roots, leaves, flowers, stems, and other tissue. Pruning triggers hormones to send a message to meristems to produce new plant materials. The most common way to do this is to cut above a leaf node.

Our staff at Impeccable Lawns will make sure that each limb and branch that gets cut is done so in a way that encourages growth and shaped to help you achieve the picturesque landscape you want.

It Focuses Resources Where They Are Needed Most

The larger a tree becomes, the more nutrients it takes to maintain its overall health. Pruning helps get rid of these branches so the plant can focus on providing nutrients to other parts of the plant. Our Ocean Isle team can help you evaluate which branches would be best removed.

Reduces Risk of Hazards

Dead branches can also pose a health hazard, such as those hanging over homes or power lines, so it is a good idea to have them removed. Thousands of dollars in damage is caused to vehicles, homes, and garages in Ocean Isle every year by dead limbs and branches. By being proactive and investing in a tree pruning service, you save yourself headaches down the road. 

Discover Other Underlying Issues

When you invest in tree pruning services, not only are you taking an active part in your tree and shrubs’ health, you are allowing technicians to analyze your plants and determine if there are other underlying issues. During the pruning process, they can inspect your trees for the many diseases and pests we face here in Ocean Isle. Many are treatable when found early, and addressing the problem sooner gives your lawn ornaments more chance to bounce back.

Improves Accessibility and the Look of Your Landscape

Low-hanging branches can often hinder the view of a great landscape or become a nuisance when doing chores such as mowing and raking. Trimming and pruning can help improve the functionality of your yard as well and give you the look of a well-manicured landscape. Both increase the market value of your home and provide instant curb appeal.

Best Time To Prune Your Ocean Isle Trees and Shrubsshrub pruning

So when is the best time to have your trees and shrubs pruned? In Ocean Isle, we suggest having your trees and shrubs pruned regularly every year. This will prevent your plants from becoming hazardous or having too much overgrowth later. Light pruning to eliminate dead branches or curb wild growth is ok anytime, but when it comes to more extensive trimming, it can often depend on the type of tree or shrub and climate you live in.

For example, shrubs that produce flowers in the summer should be trimmed in the late winter or early spring, but never late summer. Evergreen shrubs typically need pruning in late March to early April. Deciduous trees which lose their leaves should be trimmed in January or February. Their lack of leaves during this time gives trimmers easy access to see which branches need to be removed. Unlike deciduous trees, evergreen trees do not typically require a lot of pruning; however, if they have dead, dying, or potentially hazardous branches, late winter is the best time for trimming.

Other factors that can influence the timing of pruning include:

  • How a plant grows
  • When it typically blooms
  • The overall health of your landscape and lawn
  • Position of tree or shrub on your landscape

Because there are so many different factors determining when you should trim or prune your beloved lawn ornaments, we recommend calling in a professional company specializing in lawn and tree care. Impeccable Lawn’s experienced and professional staff offers superior tree and shrub pruning services. Not only can pruning and trimming be quite dangerous, we understand the different plants that grow in Ocean Isle and the best times of year to perform proper maintenance. After we are finished, we will remove debris and clean up leaves and excess limbs.

With spring right around the corner in Ocean Isle, now is the time to schedule your tree and shrub pruning service with Impeccable Lawns. Call 910-575-5296 or contact us online to learn more now.


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