Sod & Turf Replacement

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Customized Sod Installation and Replacement of Turf

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At Impeccable Lawns, we offer customized sod installation and turf replacement in the Sunset Beach area. Our team of specialists can help you determine the right kind of grasses to choose from to build a good foundation for your lawn. We will visit your property and assess your lawn by viewing the current conditions, environment and problem areas. We will then work with you to come up with a solution. Our goal is to provide you with the best options for a healthy, durable, evergreen lawn.

Sod Installation from Impeccable Lawns

Spring is the primary season to lay, plant new seeds or sod new lawns. Planting new seeds is the least expensive but may take longer for the grass to be established. Sodding is more expensive, but it is the quickest and most reliable means of creating a lawn. Sod covers the soil thoroughly and eliminates the loss of soil due to erosion. Able to be completed in almost any temperature climate, sod provides almost an instant lawn. Sod is typically preferred when there is a need for immediate value increase on a home, when erosion control is needed, and for areas where the time frame is not suitable for establishing a new lawn by planting seed.

A few advantages of sod installation include:
• Sod can be installed almost anytime the ground isn’t frozen
• Homeowners have a greater rate of success and face fewer problems, such as weeds and diseases
• Sod provides immediate erosion control on a hill or a steep slope
• Most importantly, a high-quality turf is available faster than with other methods, and there is less investment of time and work required by the homeowner

Turf Replacement from Impeccable Lawns

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Do you have patches of lawn that seem to be coming apart? We can fix your current sod installation by repairing it with new sod patches. We can also prepare your soil for the replacement sod to give it the best possibility of becoming the sustainable, green grass you deserve. We only want the best for our customers and are willing to do what it takes to ensure you are satisfied.

We can also help bring your existing lawn up to the healthy and green standards you are looking for. We will help you diagnose problems and decide the best course of action regardless of what it may be.

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