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Proudly Serving Sunset Beach, North Carolina and the Surrounding Areas

With its pristine sandy beaches, birds, and golf courses, Sunset Beach, North Carolina, is a vacation in our backyard. There are plenty of things to do, including sunsets on the beach, Ingram Planetarium, hiking, bird watching, parks, and festivities. Still, for those days when you want to enjoy the outdoors in your backyard, Impeccable Lawns can create a backyard landscape worth staying home for.

Outstanding Tree and Shrub Care for Sunset Beach Lawns

Your trees and shrubs need love and care just as much as your lawn does, and Impeccable Lawns understands the type of needs our Sunset Beach plants need. Trees and shrubs not only provide us with oxygen, but they also purify our air, beautify our landscape, act as sound barriers, and increase the value of your home.

Impeccable Lawns also recognizes the types of insects and diseases specific to the Sunset Beach area and will carefully evaluate your trees and shrubs and provide them with the comprehensive care they deserve. Our comprehensive tree & shrub care program was developed specifically to promote healthy growth and protect your landscapes from a multitude of threats, including:

• Disease
• Pests
• Fungi such as lichen
• Heat and drought stress

Impeccable Lawns Will Take the Hassle Out of Lawn Care for You

Maintaining one’s landscape is both energy and time-consuming. Allow Impeccable Lawns to take the hassle of out lawn care for you. Our lawn care programs, landscaping designs, and lawn maintenance services have been keeping the residential and commercial lawns in Sunset Beach healthy and green since 2010. We understand the local climate, the different kinds of grasses, and common lawn problems that plague the Sunset Beach area. A few common lawn diseases and issues facing our area include:

• Dollar spot
• Spring dead spot
• Yellow patch
• Brown patch
• Rust
• Anthracnose
• Fairy ring
• Plythium
• Gray leaf spot
• Damping-off

The technicians and staff at Impeccable Lawns have the knowledge and training to combat these lawn issues using our high-quality products and valuable techniques.

Superior 7-Step Lawn Fertilization Program for Sunset Beach Lawns

A large yard with healthy green grass

Impeccable Lawns offers a comprehensive 7-step program that provides your grass with the right combination of nutrients and micronutrients to fertilize and nourish your roots. Throughout the seven-step process, weed control is applied to eradicate weeds, and an insecticide to help protect your lawn from insects such as mole crickets and grubs. During the summer, iron is included in your application to green up your lawn. In the fall, we include fungicide to ward off any diseases and prevent them from occurring.

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