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Proudly Serving Calabash, North Carolina and the Surrounding Areas

When one thinks of Calabash, fishing comes to mind. Also known as the seafood capital of the world, Calabash is home to many seafood restaurants, fishing charters, shrimp boats, and a scenic view of the Calabash River.

Creating Impeccable Lawns in Ocean Isle, North Carolina Since 2010

Impeccable Lawns is a master in providing lawn care. Our lawn care programs, landscaping designs, and lawn maintenance services have been keeping the residential and commercial lawns in Calabash healthy and green since 2010.

Impeccable Lawns Offers Superior Lawn Care

a well maintained lawn

Impeccable Lawns understands how hard it can be to maintain your lawn. We know the local climate, the different kinds of grasses, and common lawn problems that plague the Calabash area. A few common lawn diseases and issues facing our area include:

• Dollar spot
• Spring dead spot
• Yellow patch
• Brown patch
• Rust
• Anthracnose
• Fairy ring
• Plythium
• Gray leaf spot
• Damping-off

The technicians and staff at Impeccable Lawns have the knowledge and training to combat these lawn issues using our high-quality products and valuable techniques.

Impeccable Lawns 7-Step Lawn Fertilization Program Designed for Calabash Lawns

Impeccable Lawns offers a comprehensive 7-step lawn fertilization program designed to nourish, strengthen, and promote healthy growth. Throughout our seven-step process, weed control is applied to eliminate weeds, and an insecticide is used to destroy any annoying insects, including mole crickets and grubs. Dummer the summer, we include a green up to enhance the vibrant color of your grass. In the fall, we apply a fungicide to diminish any fungi that may have grown during the warmer season.

Saving Calabash Residents Time With Our Superior Mowing Service

Impeccable Lawns takes the hassle out of lawn care for you. This includes mowing. Our highly knowledgeable and trained technicians are familiar with the different types of turf that grow in our climate and will mow your lawn to the appropriate height required for your grass. We will also weed eat and edge your lawn and flower beds. When finished, we will blow-off all hardscapes, including driveways, patios, and walkways.

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Some of the Services We Provide in Calabash

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Sod & Turf Replacement

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Tree & Shrub Care

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Lawn Fertilization

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