Here’s How to Recycle Your Christmas Tree Once the Holidays Are Over

What symbolizes Christmas more than the fresh smell of pine and the effervescent glow of ornaments and tinsel? A Christmas tree, of course. Every year approximately 25 to 30 million Christmas trees are sold throughout the U.S. and over 8,000 in North and South Carolina alone. Unfortunately, once the holidays are over, you are stuck with a dying tree that has already served its purpose. Never fear. There are plenty of ways you can recycle your used Christmas tree, and Impeccable Lawns is here to help. After all, we know a thing or two about clean-up. We’ve put together a list of ideas on ways to utilize your Christmas tree once more.

Turn Your Used Christmas Tree Into Wood

Why not use it for extra wood? It is a tree, after all. If you have the tools and ability, you can cut up your holiday ornament into manageable logs to be used under a warm cozy fire. Nothing says winter, like a gathering with family and friends around a moonlit sky. Cut off the branches to use as kindling and cut the trunk into logs.

Experts warn that you should only use the firewood for outdoor fires as the wood from spruce, fir, and pine trees contain a chemical called creosote. Creosote is a hazardous material that can build up in your chimneys, cause scorching fires, excess smoke, and send sparks to burn out of control.

Create a Wildlife Sanctuary in North Myrtle Beach

Christmas trees are biodegradable, so why not just place your used Christmas tree out back and allow birds to roost in it. Just like any other evergreen in your yard, your Christmas tree will now provide birds and other wildlife the shelter they need this winter. You can leave it in its stand, with all the decorations removed, and simply put it outside. If you want to attract wildlife, add strings of popcorn, apples, and orange slices, and various other table scraps to the branches.

Give Fish a Break

When Christmas trees are sunk deep into our North Myrtle Beach area waterways, they provide an aquatic habitat like no other. The branching structure of coniferous trees acts as a refuge from predators camouflaging certain species of fish. Woody debris provides a place of shelter for rock bass, bluegill, and small yellow perch. As the wood breaks down over time, it converts into food in the form of algae. Organizations such as the United States Army Corps of Engineers, the United States Forest Service, and even some state and county parks often collect Christmas trees for implementing structural fish habitats.

Create Beneficial Mulch

Lots of cities in both North and South Carolina host one-day or month-long recycling events. Many will even shred your Christmas tree down to natural mulch or compost you can take home and use in your garden. Mulch has a plethora of benefits, including acting as an insulator to your soil, protecting it from the heat and cold elements we face here in North Myrtle Beach. Use the dried needles and spread them over top garden beds. This added layer of protection not only helps to protect your soil but it assists with moisture retention, promotes stronger root growth, and pine tree in a wood chipperhelps to smother out and prevent weeds from growing.

Turn Your Used Christmas Tree Into Compost

Composting a Christmas tree turns it into black gold, which can be used around the garden. Like mulch, it too has a variety of benefits. It will help balance your soil’s texture while helping to eliminate the organic waste sent to landfills every year. For the best results, don’t include the needles which can slow down the disintegration process. Instead, use them for mulch and cut the branches of the tree into small pieces for compost.

Allow Your Used Christmas Tree To Guide Your Imagination

From the branches to the trunk to the needles, everything on the Christmas tree can be used. Use the leftover greenery for winter wreaths, window boxes, and more. Use the wood to make coasters, racks, flower pots, picture frames, and mirrors. The possibilities are endless. Visit the social media website Pinterest or your local craft store for ideas on the variety of projects you and your family can work on together.

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