Why You Should Invest in Tree and Shrub Pruning Services

Your trees and shrubs are an important part of your landscape. They add color, provide shade, a home for wildlife, and create an ambiance of peaceful activity around your Ocean Isle home. Like your lawn, they require routine maintenance, including trimming and pruning. In this article, we explain why tree and shrub pruning service is so beneficial to the health of your landscape.

Add Curb Appeal While Attracting Pollinators to Your Landscape

Here in Ocean Isle, home and business owners take pride in their landscapes. Having a yard filled with trees, shrubs, and a colorful garden is attractive and benefits our ecosystem. It helps provide food, shelter for pollinators such as butterflies, bees, and hummingbirds. With everyone becoming more environmentally conscious, attracting pollinators is one of this year's hottest landscaping design trends. Learn how you can get on board and help make your backyard a pollinator haven.

Grass 101 for the North and South Carolina Coastal Region

Most of us never give much thought to the type of grass that resides outside our front doors. For the most part, it's simply there. But here, with our sandy soil along the Coastal Regions of North and South Carolina, it's the number one component of our lawn care. Let's take a look at the five common types of grasses grown here along the Grand Strand and which may be best for your home or business property.

Here's How to Recycle Your Christmas Tree Once the Holidays Are Over

What symbolizes Christmas more than the fresh smell of pine and the effervescent glow of ornaments and tinsel? A Christmas tree, of course. A Christmas tree, of course! Unfortunately, once the holidays are over, you are stuck with a dying tree that has already served its purpose. Never fear. There are plenty of ways to recycle your used Christmas tree, and Impeccable Lawns is here to help you. After all, we know a thing or two about trees, shrubs, lawn care, and clean-up.

4 Trees To Plant for Colorful Fall Foliage in the Grand Strand Area

In North and South Carolina, many of our trees turn delightful shades of reds, oranges, and yellows between mid-October and November. There are plenty of places to view these picturesque scenes, including some of our most notable parks and trails. But what if you want to have a palette of colors in your own back or front yard? Impeccable Lawns has put together a list of four common trees found in our region you can plant today to ensure beautiful fall colors arrive on your property each fall.

Snow Mold on My Carolina Lawn? You Bet Ya! Find Out How To Prevent It

Living in North or South Carolina, our winters are shorter than our counterparts further north and though it does happen, we receive much less snow. A fungus called snow mold does grow here though and for that reason, Impeccable Lawns has taken the liberty of helping you prepare your lawn. Utilizing a lawn fertilization program and other preventive methods can help protect your turf. Learn how and what you can do now to prevent brown patches taking over your lawn in the spring.

Five Landscaping Design Trends So Hot They Will Knock Your Socks Off

If there is one thing we've seen over the past year, it is that North Carolinians now view their backyards as an extension of their indoor space. Impeccable Lawns breaks down the five hottest landscaping design trends to hit North Carolina in 2021.

What is That Moldy Substance Growing on Your Trees?

Are you noticing an odd-looking moldy substance growing on the trunk of branches of your trees? Here in our warm, sunny, humid North and South Carolina climate, we often experience the growth of lichens. While they will not harm your tree or plant itself, lichens will attach themselves to your plants and trees and rob them from receiving proper nutrients. In this article, learn everything you need to know about this unique, unsightly organism, how and why it grows, and what you can do about it.

Four Most Challenging Weeds You'll Find in Your North Carolina Lawn

They stick out like a sore thumb, clashing with your lush green lawn and creating misery for lawn owners everywhere. But there they are sprouting from your North Carolina lawn once again. Unfortunately, some weeds are just more stubborn than others and harder to control. Learn about four of the most challenging weeds we have here in North Carolina and what you can do to prevent and eliminate them.

Tips on Mowing Your Way to the Perfect Lawn

Mowing is the most essential yet basic aspect of caring for your lawn. While it is time-intensive and can take a lot of energy, it can significantly improve or hinder your turf's health and overall outcome. Here is some useful information on mowing and tips from your friends at Impeccable Lawns to help you set up your lawn for continued success. 

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